Our History

It all began in 1997, two years after my friend Feliciano’s partner, “Rafa” died from AIDS at a very young age and in a very short period of time.

Feliciano Reyna founded one of the first organizations with services in HIV / AIDS in Venezuela, Acción Solidaria in Caracas in 1995.

There was a need for awareness, prevention and education in all sectors of society as well as treatment for everyone with HIV  or AIDS in Latin America; the epidemic was hitting particularly hard people with low income and those in extreme poverty.

In February 1997, Action for Solidarity, Inc was already established in the State of Florida and operating exclusively with the support of a group of volunteers, doctors, nurses, social workers, especially at Mercy Hospital in Miami, as well astravelers from Caracas-Miami-Caracas, who kindly offered to transport the donations which Action for Solidarity was already receiving.  Those donations helped keep 290 people on antiretroviral treatment for two years, without interruption, until it finally became available in Venezuela.

With the beginning of the millennium and thanks to FEDCO (VCS Pharmacy) together with other directors of community agencies, activists and local the local community in general , we got our first office in April of 2000, a space donated by FEDCO which by then was called “The South Beach Wellness Center ” and where Action for Solidarity shared the same roof with South Beach AIDS Project (SoBAP), directed by Jeffry Wilkinson and also CareResource with the food assistance program” FOOD4LIFE Network “.

Almost 20 years have passed and Action for Solidarity remains active and strong. We have worked through all these years providing referral services and linkage to HIV services to the Hispanic community in Miami-Dade and we continue to maintain a bridge of health for Latin American counries through our Recycled Medicine Donation Program (ARV).

Thanks to all of you, heroes who have supported our programs and have always given our organization a helping hand. It is because of people like you that we continue helping those who need us most.

HIV is everyone’s problem!

By Cristobal Plaza L.


Action for Solidarity is a United States established and active  501 (c) (3) Non-profit Organization. We will ensure that your donation will get to the people who need these medicines by  using the extensive distribution network of our sister organization Accion Solidaria in Caracas.

Several Venezuelan non-profit organizations are currently petitioning the government to facilitate the importation and aid process so that the current medication shortage is resolved.  However, this process will take some time which makes your donation the only LIFE-SAVING  option many people have in the present


Our mission is to provide help and information to the hispanic community and immigrants in the United States regarding available HIV/AIDS resources in theareas of prevention, complete medical care, local services and medical treatment as well as to provide a bridge between the United States and Latin America to share knowledge, experiences and information in the areas of prevention, medical-scientific research and quality of life improvement for people living with HIV/AIDS in Latin American Countries who are in need of medical attention and pharmaceutical treatment.

We’ve worked in conjunction with ACCION SOLIDARIA, A.C in Caracas Venezuela as sisters organizations forover 22 years. We help people living with HIV/AIDS in Venezuela who are compelled to leave the country to seek help and medical caregiven the present health crisis as well as those who are still in Venezuela but now lack access to life-saving medications. We at Action for Solidarity coordinate a Medicine Recycling Program that allow us to be able to send medicine donations to Venezuela.

cristobal plaza action for solidarity
our mission

To promote and collaborate with other local, national and international agencies for capacity building to offer prevention education and training in order to improve quality of life of those living with HIV and to reduce the stigma and discrimination associated with HIV/AIDS.  To link every person living with HIV into medical services and treatment as soon as possible right after they are diagnosed, and thus  improving their quality of life and also preventing HIV Transmission.

We are committed to empowering both, Hispanic communities at high risk of contracting HIV and the general population. Action for Solidarity Inc, provides free anti-retroviral medication through our Recycled HIV meds Program to low income people living with HIV in latin american countries who lack access to treatment .

Our Team

Feliciano Reyna
cristobal plaza
Armando Grisanti
Nelson Vergel
Vanessa Silebi M.D
Jorge Murillo M.D
George Tirado
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