The HIV Medicine Recycling Program has been designed to be able to help and assist those who needs us most and that have no access to HIV/AIDS treatment in Latin American countries

Action for Solidarity’s Medicine Recycling Program began back in 1997 with the support and solidarity of a group of Miami local doctors, pharmacies, case managers, social workers, HIV + patients and volunteers who traveled from the United States to Venezuela and who carried our medicine donations in their luggages and delivered it to our sister organization Acción Solidaria A.C.

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The Health Crisis in Venezuela is escalating and reaching the deepest chaos in the nation’s history that could result in the death of over hundred thousands of people living with HIV/AIDS and other critical medical conditions.

We need the support of doctors, case-managers, health professionals and most importantly, the HIV + friends and  community worldwide to help us to extend our solidarity and to help those living with HIV/AIDS in Venezuela.

If you or some one you know have medicines that are no longer going to be used or if you are HIV positive and have discontinued your treatment or changed to another medicine regimen and don’t know what to do with your extra or unused medications, please DONATE YOUR MEDS to Action for solidarity’s Medicine Recycling Program.

The Referrals Service Program is made out of two types of interventions, Initial and Follow up Interventions, which are directed toward the service of the local Hispanic community and farmers Immigrants. The Initial Intervention focuses on counseling, support and referrals regarding complete care services and access to treatment.

  • -HIV and STI’s Counseling and Testing
  • -Medical Assistance and access to Medical Treatment through governmental programs (Ryan White , A.D.A.P)
  • -Support Groups
  • -Psychological assistance
  • -Economical Support
  • -Housing and food assistance programs
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