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The HIV Medicine Recycling Program was designed to help and assist those without access to HIV/AIDS treatment in Latin American countries.

The Medicine Recycling Program of Action for Solidarity began in 1997 with the support of a group of local Miami doctors, pharmacies, case managers, social workers, people living with HIV, and volunteers who traveled (from the United States to Venezuela) carrying our medicines donations in their luggage and delivering them to our sister organization Acción Solidaria A.C.

Venezuela’s health crisis has drastically deteriorated to the point where the country has faced a complex humanitarian emergency since 2016. As a result, we have expanded our efforts and created our Health Humanitarian Response Program to support people with HIV and those suffering from other chronic diseases. Visit Action4Help to learn more about this vital initiative.

We need the support of everybody: doctors, case managers, health professionals, and most importantly, friends living with HIV and the community worldwide to allow us to extend our Solidarity and to assist those with HIV/AIDS in Venezuela.

If you or someone you know have medicines that are no longer going to be used, if you are living with HIV and have stopped taking your medication or switched to a different regimen and don’t know what to do with your extra or unused prescriptions, please DONATE YOUR MEDS to Action for Solidarity’s Medicines Recycling Program.


Confidentiality: We ask you to send your medicine bottles with scratched or marked-off names, addresses, and identifying information about you, your healthcare provider, or your authorized prescriber. Please ensure you don’t scratch off any information related to the medication, dose, and expiration date. It is essential to know precisely which medication we are receiving and which one we are shipping overseas.

Shipping Process: Please contact us ( to tell us about your donation, and we can discuss shipping options. You can ship your donation through your preferred Company, such as USPS, UPS, FedEx, etc. We appreciate your generosity in paying shipping rates to send us your contribution. Please place all pill bottles in a (sealable) plastic bag and place this bag in a padded envelope or cardboard box. All pill bottles should be securely closed. THANKS.

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Give someone the chance to get timely treatment. Bring smiles to people faces and be a part of something extraordinary.